This website is developed and hosted as a part of the national infrastructure project ELIXIR.NO, by researchers at Centre for Integrative Genetics (CIGENE), Department of Animal and Aquacultural Sciences, Norwegian University of Life Sciences. It presents both the latest S. salar assembly and includes various metadata such as gene content.

The Sequencing Project

The International Cooperation to Sequence the Atlantic Salmon Genome (ICSASG) will produce a genome sequence that identifies and physically maps all genes in the Atlantic salmon genome and acts as a reference sequence for other Salmonids. The motivation for this is to better understand the biology of Salmonids as it relates to sustainable aquaculture, conservation of wild fish and aquatic health among other things. The White Paper describing the sequencing project can be found here.

GenoSysFat Project

GenoSysFat - Integrating genomics and systems biology to improve the capacity for synthesis, transport, and filet deposition of EPA / DHA in salmon.

DigiSal Project

Project Towards the Digital Salmon: From a reactive to a pre-emptive research strategy in salmon farming (DigiSal) will lay the foundations for a Digital Salmon: an ensemble of mathematical descriptions of salmon physiology, combining mathematics, high-dimensional data analysis, computer science and measurement technology with genomics and experimental biology into a concerted whole.